What is my FICO score

a person’s credit score calculated with software from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO). An installment loan makes up 35% of your FICO score. See what makes up your FICO score here.

Does reaffirmation of my loan help my credit

reaffirming a loan does not earn credit.

What will my loan percentage rates be

bank rates can be as low as 7.99% O.A.C

How long will it take to reestablish my credit

re-establishing credit can take between 8 to 15 months (with no late or slow pays)

What will my payments be like

the lenders will only allow 15% of the clients payment to income. The lender dictates price term and rates, not the dealer.

Do I have to wait for my 341 meeting before I can get an approval

no. you do not need to wait for the 341 before you can get an approval

Who are the lenders

we have multiple lenders standing by to assist our bankruptcy clients. Our lenders include CUCC/ America First’s subprime division, Prime Acceptance, Prestige Financial, and Consumer Portfolio Services, Rally, Capital One, Wells Fargo, New Start Financial, First Investment, Rightsize Financial,

I heard there are bank fees for financing. Is that included in the loan

yes bank fees are included in the loan terms. To help off set the bank fees we offer our clients assistance with a $500.00 cash card. In some cases it does absorb the cost of the bank fees.

Am I only limited to particular brands or types of vehicles

when working with our clients the vehicles they choose are not brand specific. We sell any make and model (pre owned) with clean titles and carfax’s. We do not work with salvage titles.

How long will it take to find out if I can even be approved

we can have a pre approval in as little as 5 min



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